Clear HPV The Natural Way

Radical freedom for women and their partners through the best f*cking lifestyle coaching program on the planet.


HPV CAN be cleared from the body.

Conventional Medicine does NOT provide real solutions.

Nature has the answers.

It’s the ultimate act of self love.
To understand, surrender, accept, and take complete ownership.
HPV is not rare. Think of it like the common cold of the cervix. 
14 million cases are diagnosed each and every year — including women who look like the definition of healthy.
The usual response to HPV is one of stigma, shame, judgment and guilt — both from the Self and from Society.

… “What’s my partner going to think” … “Am I going to give it to them” … “I don’t understand it, I’m healthy? Why is this happening to me” … “I feel dirty”... Is this really going to affect me for the rest of my life” … “Am I at increased risk of cancer” … “Why can’t the doctors help me” … “I feel too embarrassed to talk about this” …

All of these questions race through the mind of a woman diagnosed with HPV.

We see you. We hear you. 

We understand  how scary this diagnosis can feel.

And until now there’s been limited information, education, and solutions for women and their partners. The medical system was not designed to help. Resolving HPV is something an individual must undertake themselves.

That used to be a daunting, lonely task…

But that was before Clear & Free existed.

Discover the transformational power of the natural remedies and solutions

that exist to clear HPV from your body and achieve what the medical system has tried (but failed) to do.

With the right understanding of the immune system, the role it plays in HPV, and developing optimal mental, emotional, and physical practices — you can be one of the thousands of women all around the world successfully clearing their bodies of HPV.

We’re telling you it’s possible.

We’ll SHOW you it’s possible.

If you’re ready to celebrate your Negative HPV and PAP screenings together! Clear & Free was built-by-design to give you the tools to do exactly that — and live the healthy, fulfilling, magical life you desire.


Nature Has The Answers.

She always does — doesn’t she?

And she’s  always ready to provide it to us, if we take the time to slow down, see, and receive it. An HPV diagnosis makes this incredibly challenging.

Life speeds up. It races by. It becomes a blur.

The one thing that’s NOT needed at this moment is additional stress — and yet it’s the only thing that’s guaranteed to be created.

But that’s okay.

It’s also empowering — as the stress you experience is something inside your control. You can make the changes with the right knowledge, understanding, and tools. Right now it’s likely you do not have them.

The education system, the medical system, life — they did not teach them to you. You have not been setup to succeed in this kind of situation.

But you can be.

You can be supported to finally clear HPV from your body and celebrate that powerful, magical moment after a Negative HPV screening.

Thousands of women all over the world have done just that.

The solution lies in aligning yourself with nature and optimizing the health of your immune system through proven mental, emotional, and physical health practices.

It is the ultimate act of self love and self care — and it is what you wholeheartedly deserve.

Clear & Free will radically empower you with the knowledge, understanding, and tools you need to be in control and be HPV Clear.

It is built-by-design from years worth of real-world experience to support women to create the kind of lifestyle that naturally clears HPV from the body.



Your Natural Medicine

What if I told you your body already knows what to do to clear HPV …

She just needs to feel supported to do her job!

While it may feel hard, the steps are simple.

Clear & Free is a no bullsh*t approach making it THAT much more effective.


Discover More Holistic Solutions:

There are more options for you beyond invasive colposcopies, painful LEEP procedures, and vaccinations.

You GET to make an informed decision once you have all the information!

NOTE: Just because you got the HPV vaccine, that doesn't mean you’re fully protected!


What Your Doc Didn’t Tell You:

Discover the gaping holes within the conventional medical approach to treating HPV.

From there, you can empower yourself with the knowledge that lets you make safe, informed, powerful decisions for your health.


Within this course, you’ll build a deeper relationship with your body through:

  • Nutritional Guidance (this is not a diet, we promise)
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support 
  • A Practical Approach to Stress Management (not the Instagram guru kind)
  • Exercise Application 
  • Directed Supplementation and So Much More…

No other HPV program will include this level of information and support. Period.

Naturally clearing HPV and taking control of your cervical health is possible.

There is no more complete process that exists than the Clear & Free Process  — and we’ve committed our lives to proving that as a truth.


Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coaches

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Start Clearing HPV Today

Optimize Your Immune System.

Be Clear of HPV.

If there’s even just the smallest part of yourself who believes this to be true, you owe it to yourself to experience it — don’t you.
Your HPV can be cleared in a natural, safe, and healthy way.
It’s possible for all women.
All you have to do is say yes — TODAY!